Airports list in Croatia

Croatia has several airports, with Zagreb Airport being the largest and busiest. Here is a list of some of the major airports in Croatia:

  1. Zagreb Airport (ZAG) – Zagreb
  2. Split Airport (SPU) – Split
  3. Dubrovnik Airport (DBV) – Dubrovnik
  4. Pleso Airport (OSI) – Osijek
  5. Rijeka Airport (RJK) – Rijeka
  6. Zadar Airport (ZAD) – Zadar
  7. Pula Airport (PUY) – Pula
  8. Bol Airport (BWK) – Brač
  9. Losinj Airport (LSZ) – Mali Lošinj
  10. Brac Airport (BWK) – Brač

These airports play a crucial role in supporting both domestic and international travel, contributing to Croatia’s connectivity within Europe and beyond. Zagreb Airport serves as the main international gateway, connecting Croatia to numerous destinations worldwide.

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